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November 2018 - ONLINE DBS CHECK SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE!! Contact us to register 
Click here to see new ID checking guidelines 
Driving Licence - Form Completion & ID Checking Process  
To ensure your form is processed quickly, please follow the below guidance when checking an applicant's driving licence paying close attention to the forename(s) surname and date of birth. If the information provided on an application form conflicts with the driving licence number Safe & Sure will need to contact you to confirm the details. 
A driving licence is made up of numbers and letters generated in accordance with the licence holder's personal details - See the below table for details on how the driving licence number is verified 
SMITH 757025 JT 99901 
The above example shows the driving licence for an applicant with the name John Thomas Smith born 02.07.1975 
The first five letters of your surname, if your surname is less than 5 characters the other characters will be replaced by the number 9 
The year you were born 
The month of your birth. For female applicants, the seventh digit will always have the value of five added to the first digit (i.e November will appear as 61 instead of 11) 
The day you were born 
The initials of your forename(s). If you do not have a middle name, the number 9 will replace the 13th character (please note the DBS require ALL forenames) 
Randomly generated digits 
Form Completion - Unusual Addresses 
Click here to see the DBS guidance on how to complete your address history if in the last five years you are or have been - 
A student 
Working away from home 
A frequent traveller 
Living on a canal boat, cruise ship or merchant vessel 
Of no fixed abode 
A member of HM Armed Forces (BFPO Address) 
Living in a refuge or sheltered accommodation 
In prison  
DBS Tracking Service 
Did you know that you can track the progress of your own or your employee's DBS application online? To do this you will require the form reference number (which you can find on the top of the application form) and the applicant's date of birth. Click here to access the DBS tracking service  
DBS /CRB Code of Practice - Handling and Storage 
The DBS would like to remind employers of the importance of secure handling and storage of disclosure information. Safe & Sure send copied of the DBS / CRB Code of Practice to all members, it is imperative that access to certificate information is strictly controlled and it is a criminal offence to pass the information to anyone who is not entitled to receive it. If you require any more copies of the Code of Practice or wish to view the information again please click here  
Form Completion - Top Tips & Common Errors 
Safe & Sure avoid returning incorrectly completed applications because of the delay in the process, however some errors make this necessary as the form is invalid, such as - 
Completion of Section Y (This is the most common reason for application rejection by Safe & Sure) 
Black ink not used 
Form illegible due to handwriting 
Applicant not signed form 
Correction fluid used 
To ensure your form is processed as quickly as possible please follow the form advice  
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