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DBS Form Advice 

General Rules for Completing a DBS Application Form 
Here are some general rules that apply throughout the application form: 
Sections A to E are to be completed by the applicant; the employer needs to complete W & X. You must leave Sections Y & Z blank 
If you make a mistake when writing in details put a line through the mistake and, if enough empty boxes remain in that field write the information starting in the next available text box to the right. If there is not enough space, you must include the information instead on an official continuation street (see downloadable document) 
If you make a mistake when choosing one of the boxes, place a cross in the correct box and circle it 
All address history and previous surname dates must be in month and year format MMYYYY not DDMMYY 
Complete all mandatory sections (in yellow) 
Use black ink throughout 
Use CAPITAL LETTERS not lowercase 
Provide a full 5 years address history including postcodes and dates from and to 
Provide all previous surname(s) and forename(s) and ensure you provide dates used from and to 
Write clearly and insert only one character in each box 
Send the correct payment see price list > 
Enclose the correct, completed Documentary Evidence Sheet 
Use correction fluid (tippex) 
Staple anything to the form 
Strike out a section that is not applicable, please leave blank 
Place stamps or stickers on the form 
Complete Section Y or sign the continuation sheet (these are for Safe and Sure to complete). 
Failure to adhere to the above guidance may result in the application being delayed or returned in the post. 
Freepost Address 
If you have run out of Freepost Envelopes please contact Shirley Bennett on 01772 455 574 or email shirley.bennett@lancashirecare.org.uk and we will send them out to you the same day. 
Documents to Download 
Documentary Evidence Sheet – a list of documents that can be seen to confirm an applicant’s identity which must be submitted with application form 
Confirming the Applicants Identity - A guide for employers on how to check an applicant's identity documents with detailed information on all Three Routes 
External ID Validation Request - For Route Two applications employers must complete and enclose an External ID Validation Request to instruct Safe & Sure to complete a check on their behalf 
Continuation Sheet – If an applicant cannot fit all their information on the application form please use this continuation sheet 
DBS Adult First Request - A form to request a DBS Adult First check for a prospective employee (Please note: This cannot be requested unless it is submitted with a Disclosure application) 
Non-UK/EEA Documentary Evidence Sheet - a list of documents that can be seen to confirm the identity of a non UK/EEA National which must be submitted with application form 
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