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Below are some frequently asked questions about the disclosure process, if your question is not answered here or you require further information please contact us > 
1. What is a DBS check? > 
A DBS check (previously CRB) entitles an employer to find out about a prospective employee’s criminal history and make an appropriate recruitment decision based on the outcome of the DBS check. Convictions will not necessarily bar an individual from working but it is for the employer to decide if they believe the convictions put their service users at risk of harm, Safe & Sure is not involved in the recruitment decision. 
2. Who is eligible to apply for a DBS check? > 
When you apply for certain types of job you may be asked to apply for a criminal record check. These are generally jobs that involve working with children or vulnerable adults. To see a full list of eligible positions please visit this website > 
3. How long do DBS checks take? > 
The DBS aims to issue all Enhanced DBS checks within 8 weeks but a majority (85%) of checks processed by Safe & Sure are completed within 3 weeks. To ensure your checks are processed quickly please follow the form advice provided. We can also provide a detailed status update to advise what stage your organisation’s checks are currently at. 
4. What is a DBS Adult First check (Previously known as POVA) ? > 
DBS Adult First is a service exclusive to the health sector and requests for the check must fulfil strict criteria. They are allowed only where there is a real danger that staffing levels will fall below statutory obligations. A DBS Adult First check is available for staff employed to work with vulnerable adults. A clear result allows an applicant to start working with vulnerable adults under supervision until the full DBS certificate is received. 
5. How long do DBS Adult First Checks take? > 
A DBS Adult First check can normally be obtained within 2 working days after receipt of the DBS application form. 
6. How long does a DBS disclosure last for? > 
A DBS Check is technically only valid on the day that it is printed. Any information revealed on a certificate will be that held by the police at the time the check was issued. There is no expiry date on a DBS check and an employer can do a re-check at anytime at their discretion. New staff may be required to have a fresh check completed when they change their employment depending on guidance specific to your sector. 
7. What information is disclosed on a DBS check? > 
A DBS check searches an applicant’s details against criminal records and other sources, including the Police National Computer. The check may reveal convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings. The DBS check will either confirm that an applicant does not have a criminal record, or it will list any relevant convictions, cautions, reprimands, warnings and, if applicable, whether they have been barred from working with vulnerable groups. The police can also include non-conviction information, for example fixed penalties that may be relevant. 
8. Can a volunteer apply for a DBS check? > 
Yes, Safe & Sure DBS is able to process DBS checks for volunteer applicants who satisfy the criteria for applying for a DBS check 
The DBS define a free of charge volunteer as: 
9. Can I apply for a DBS check if I am self-employed? > 
No, the self-employed cannot legally apply for a DBS check on themselves directly, however they may be able to apply for a DBS check through an agency or employer, contact us for further information > 
10. Which documents can be used as part of the ID checking process? > 
There are a wide range of documents that an employer can see to verify an applicant’s identity. Please click here to view guidance 
11. How can I make sure my DBS check is processed quickly? > 
Safe & Sure provides all our customers with comprehensive guidance on how to correctly complete a DBS application form. Forms that are correctly completed reduce administration time and can be quicker to process. For more information see Safe & Sure DBS form advice > 
12. Where can I get more information? > 
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